License ReMoved - Part Three

License ReMoved - Part Three

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If you would like to screen ReMoved Part Three ("Love Is Never Wasted") for a public event (training, awareness, etc), easily get it here when you purchase the license. 

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We would love for you to use the film at your fundraiser event. We require that the 5 year license be purchased in this case.

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Words of acclaim for "Love Is Never Wasted" [ReMoved part 3]:

This film really struck home. I raised my grandson for 18 months after he was apprehended from his mother (my daughter). Much like the nurse and her family in the film, it was an unexpected call and a split second decision that had my grandson come live with me. I was not expecting a 'foster', I was not trained to deal with, or supported through, the attachment and behavioural issues, but with time and love my grandson soon flourished, much like Kevi.

His mother also changed her life, much like Kevi's mom, and my grandson was returned to his mother in September. I felt the pain of letting him go all over again watching the film, but also connected to the conflicting feelings of the child wanting to be in both places, with both families, because that is exactly what my grandson is experiencing now.

There are 100s of thousands of children being raised by kin (grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbours, teachers...) either permanently or temporarily. Kevi's story is so similar to our stories. Although it is not family who takes in Kevi, it is still kin (not a trained foster parent)... this film shows kin placement the closest I've seen depicted. What the kids go through when they are removed from bio parents, how kin must make a split second decision to take the child (without training, guidance or support...simply led by the heart), what all members of the family go through as they adjust, how the kids change (and hopefully the parent too) and the conflict between joy and heartbreak if a child is reunited with their parent.

Thank you for shedding light on kinship care - it is at the same time so different, yet so similar to foster care and something not many people talk about."