The ReMoved Films are being created with the intent to bring light to the often unknown subjects of Foster Care and Child Abuse/Neglect. The films educate those who are learning, while simultaneously identifying with those who understand all too well. The films are available online to watch for free. We do this because even though the cost of creating a film is high, we believe these films can have the most impact when they're most easily accessible. 

Our goal is that these films would serve as a key tool in raising up and training good foster parents, social workers, court-appointed special advocates, and the many other adults who interact with children in foster care. To that end, we encourage foster care related agencies and organizations to use the film in their training, outreach, and fundraising endeavors. 

To license the film means to purchase the legal right to screen the film publicly, 
benefitting the goals of your agency or organization
(training, awareness, fundraising, etc). 




Often, organizations prefer having the film file when screening it, instead of streaming it from the internet. When you purchase the license to screen the film we give you access to download the file. The online version of the films are intended for private use. With that said, it's actually illegal to screen any copywritten film publicly without first obtaining permission to do so (getting a license). 

When you license the film, you purchase the right to screen the film publicly within your organization an indefinite amount of times for 1 - 5 years (depending on the license length you select), via the file we provide you.